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I am Peter Risseeuw, say Pe:-ter Ris-juw. Holding a master’s degree in operational research, I have spent my entire career in applied economic research. For twelve years, I also was a University lecturer in the field of Small Business and Entrepreneurship. Periscoop Consult (being the Dutch spelling for Periscope Consult) is my research consultancy. I focus on research in industrial analysis, industrial organization and regulation. The financial services sector and the real estate sector are my favorite playgrounds.

The mission of Periscoop Consult is to report in a clear and convincing way on (complex) economic and regulatory topics. I write factual and analytical reports, based on my own research, and reports that can be used to substantiate the line of reasoning of third parties.

Periscoop Consult aims primarily at the Dutch market, since that is where I am experienced. However, I am open for cross-border projects. In the nineties, I gained international experience in a multi-year assignment in Zimbabwe (Southern Africa), part of a huge World Bank research project. Later I was involved as consultant, investor and non-executive director in a hi-tech family business startup (still going strong) in the United States. Like most Dutchmen (and denizens of Lake Wobegon), I think my proficiency in English to be above average. Some of my reports and articles are targeted at an international audience, you can find a list below.

If you are a foreigner interested in one of my projects, or in need of an affordable researcher in the Netherlands, feel free to contact me. You find my mail address in the contact sheet.

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